Why A Cooperative?

Why A Cooperative?

Children benefit when parents choose to participate in their schooling. The many families that return to Quaker Lane with subsequent children know the community experience created by the cooperative environment enriches the pre-school and the lives of their children.

As a cooperative nursery school, Quaker Lane offers you the opportunity to participate in your child’s preschool education.

Parents contribute to Quaker Lane according to their availability, strengths, and interests. Our cooperative model can accommodate any schedule.

Here at Quaker Lane, we encourage and invite parents to serve in the following capacities:

  • Parent Volunteers: Parents are invited into the classroom to assist the teachers and enjoy the morning with your child.
  • Hold a position on the Board OR on a Committee OR take on a Cooperative Position
  • Attend and assist at one Property Day; these are held on Saturday mornings three times a year. The purpose is to maintain the landscaping and school interior both during the academic year and in preparation for the upcoming year.

Our children thrive in this type of cooperative atmosphere; as a parent, you’ll feel an even greater sense of pride in your child’s accomplishment when you get involved.

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