Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy

photoOur program is a Cooperative in which parents and teachers share the common goal of supporting our children in their learning endeavors and providing a quality learning experience. We provide an environment that fosters social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative development with emphasis on the whole child as a unique and capable individual. We strive to provide a foundation on which children can build their knowledge and understanding of their world with a hands-on approach, as they experience it through active play and manipulation of materials. Creativity, discovery and decision-making are encouraged within a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

We provide a routine that is organized, but flexible, placing emphasis on ensuring an environment that is nurturing, safe and welcoming. It is our belief that children who feel secure, capable and valued are better equipped to realize their full potential and to make the transition to the next level of social and cognitive competence. Cooperation, self-discipline, empathy for others and self-help skills are modeled and encouraged in our daily activities. Incorporated within our curriculum and in our interactions with one another, is a standard of mutual respect and tolerance for each individual.


Founded in 1949 by an energetic group of parents who believed children develop best at their own pace in a happy and stimulating environment, Quaker Lane Cooperative Nursery School offers a preschool experience for three and four year old children.

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